Bridgewater NJ General Dentist on Handling Dental Emergencies

While the teeth may be one of the strongest parts of your body, this does not mean that they are immune to an accident. There are times when something unexpected does occur affecting your pearly whites in the process. Making sure that you know how to handle these emergencies is crucial to ensure that there will be minimal damage that will be caused to your teeth.


You may wish that these emergencies are not going to happen to you or to a loved one, but there really is just no telling when they will. You need o know what to do when they happen to determine whether it needs a visit to the emergency dentist or if it is something that you can handle yourself.


What to do in case of a Dental Emergency?

If you have a loved one chip off a bit of their tooth due to an accident, then it is important to note that the urgency of the situation will depend on the amount of pain that he is feeling. Calling your Bridgewater NJ General Dentist to outline the situation is always a good start. You have to be ready to answer questions pertaining to the situation too to make sure that the dentist can better assess what the best course of action is.


In cases where there is bleeding and there is a pain, it is common for a dentist to want to see the patients right away. But in the event that the chip is small or the patient is not feeling a lot of discomfort at all, an appointment can just be made for the tooth to be properly repaired at a later date.


The key to handling Dental Emergency

When it comes to any dental emergency, the key is to always assess how serious the situation and to determine how much pain or discomfort the person is feeling. Then, call your Bridgewater NJ General Dentist so he can recommend what the best course of action is. 

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