Check Out Why Your Bridgewater NJ General Dentist Utilizes Invisalign


You may admire other people's smiles without really paying much mind to it. If your own smile is not in line with your image of yourself, there is a good chance that your confidence is not in tip-top shape. Crooked teeth that are too far apart or too close together can present a challenge to appearance, to your confidence, to your oral health, and to your life. So why not look into the latest dental treatment to correct mild to moderate misalignment? If you are near Bridgewater NJ, your general dentist at Brook Dental Associates is happy to discuss your options with you.


Typically, it has been thought that bracket-and-wire braces were the only path to a straighter smile. We do not claim that Invisalign is a system that can be used for every case, but there are a good number of patients for whom this alternative to braces is well-suited. Invisalign is not orthodontics, although it is intended for the improvement of tooth alignment. The way that it works is by exerting force across the arch, or to certain teeth, in order to create the appropriate positioning. This sounds a lot like orthodontics, doesn't it? Really, where Invisalign differs is in the mechanism, not in the end-goal or even in the principles. It also differs in the numerous advantages it has over braces:


  • Comfort. Because Invisalign aligners fit over the teeth, there are no fixtures sticking out from them. The lack of brackets means a discreet appearance, yes; and it also means there is nothing to get caught on the cheek or lips when you eat or speak.
  • Convenience. We are all very busy today, running from one commitment to another; from work or school to home to kids to dinner to bed . . . it's tiring just thinking about it! Invisalign makes life a bit easier for those who are straightening their smile. Instead of visiting the dentist to have wires tightened, all that is required with Invisalign is to switch out the aligner trays every two weeks. That's it! Well, and visit us for progress checks about every six weeks or so.
  • More convenience. One of the biggest inconveniences of braces is the fact that it is difficult to eat certain foods, like that big juicy steak or corn on the cob. Braces are also pretty challenging to brushing and flossing, which creates the risk for cavities and gum irritation. With Invisalign, all you need to do to enjoy your meals and keep your teeth healthy is remove your aligners for a short time.

Brook Dental Associates is happy to help you discover all the benefits of Invisalign. Call us at (732) 469-6662.

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