Bridgewater Cosmetic Dentist Shares Available Procedures that Will Improve the Way Your Smile Looks


Having a bright and healthy smile has been something that people have wanted to achieve for centuries! There were Egyptians and wealthy Romans who used their tools to have a straight and white smile to give others the perception of their wealth. Thankfully, cosmetic dentistry has come quite a long way and can now completely transform the way a patient’s smile look. Below, your Bridgewater cosmetic dentist will further discuss cosmetic dentistry and show some of the available procedures available at our practice.


Cosmetic dentistry generally focuses on a particular area of the patient’s smile that they want to improve. There are some procedures that overlap common restorative dentistry like dental implants and crowns, but the main goal is to improve the way a patient’s smile looks so they’ll enjoy it more when they share their smile with the world.


Here are some popular cosmetic treatments that we can perform here at our practice:


Teeth Whitening
This is potentially the most common and famous cosmetic service available. Teeth whitening is available not only at a dental practice, but take-home kits can also be purchased at your local grocery store. Unfortunately, it can be intimidating—there are tons of different whitening brands on the market, so it can be difficult to know which one to purchase. Not only that, but not all kits will work best for you; they may be worse for your teeth than you think! This is why we highly recommend visiting our practice to receive our teeth whitening treatment; we’ll give you the shade that works best for your smile and make sure your teeth and gums are safe and protected.


Dental Veneers
Veneers have the ability to completely change the way your smile looks in a short amount of time! If your teeth are chipped, stained, cracked or misaligned, dental veneers can make them disappear. A thin, ceramic shell will be created and placed over the surface of your teeth, improving the way your teeth look. They’ll be created to make your smile look completely brand new after impressions have been taken and the custom-made veneers are sent back.


Our office provides a number of cosmetic procedures for patients who want a brand new smile. Call your Bridgewater cosmetic dentist at (732) 469-6661 to schedule an appointment or consultation today!

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