Your Bridgewater NJ Dentist can transform your Smile with Porcelain Veneers


There are several cosmetic concerns that affect how people feel about their smile. One of the exciting advances in dentistry is that we now have versatile ways in which these concerns can be addressed. See what your Bridgewater, NJ dentist has to say about veneers.

What is a Porcelain Veneer?

Technically, a dental veneer is a “cover” that is shaped, shaded, and sized in a specific manner to achieve the desired appearance. It is possible to directly apply a veneer over a tooth; this is referred to as dental bonding. One of the most common veneer treatments, however, is indirect porcelain veneers.


There are several reasons why porcelain is the preferred material for cosmetic veneers. Ultimately, what each of these reasons amounts to is a final product that looks life-like. Porcelain is a highly popular dental material due to its similarities with natural enamel. This material can be placed on a tooth to replicate the natural shine as well as the translucency and intricate texture that one expects to see. These similarities mean that it is just as easy to treat a single tooth as it is to cover all teeth that show when you smile.

The Versatility of Porcelain Veneers

There are a number of concerns that maybe beautifully addressed with porcelain veneers.

Too much space in between teeth can create dissatisfaction and even of self-consciousness. Gaps may develop during the time when permanent teeth are growing in. It may also be that teeth have shifted, revealing space in between them.

Dull Enamel
The hard outer shell that protects softer layers of tooth material, enamel, contains thousands of tiny pores. These pores can absorb microscopic particles that remain in the mouth after eating or drinking. The resulting discoloration may not respond as desired to teeth whitening. In such instances, resistant discoloration can be hidden beneath brilliantly white porcelain veneers.

Wear and Tear
Time leaves its mark on everything in nature; including your teeth. As enamel naturally wears away with age, the risk for chips and cracks increases. Wearing may also lead to the appearance of unevenness, where one tooth may appear shorter than the one next to it. Issues such as these can be covered with veneers that are sized and shaped to complement your lips and other features.

One of the wonderful aspects of veneer treatment is that, when your Bridgewater NJ general dentist corrects the specific concerns you have with a tooth or teeth, your entire smile benefits from a beautiful cosmetic lift.

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