Treat Your Smile the Way it Should be Treated at Home with the Help of Your Family Dentist in Bridgewater NJ


Your smile deserves the best care possible, which is why your family dentist in Bridgewater NJ emphasizes the importance of visiting our practice for a cleaning. Keeping up with your routine check-ups twice a year positively impacts your smile, but that’s only half of the work. We want you to make sure that your teeth are being taken care of when you’re not visiting our office, so check out some helpful at-home dental tips to better your smile.


Replace Your Toothbrush
After about three months, your toothbrush isn’t working to the best of its abilities like it used to. Around this time, the bristles start to become frayed and flat, which are some obvious signs that a new one should be on its way soon. No matter if you clean your brush thoroughly to get rid of any lingering bacteria, it’s still highly recommended to replace them because the bristles will still be lacking.


Don’t Ignore Floss & Mouthwash
These steps in your daily dental routine should never be ignored! When you use your toothbrush every day, keep your mouthwash and floss near it so you won’t forget. Flossing removes any of the particles in between your teeth that you weren’t able to properly clean out with your toothbrush. Mouthwash will also help remove and rinse the bacteria out, as well.


Eat Well, No Matter What
It can be easy to have a poor diet—it’s generally more affordable and can be tastier. But healthy eating can dramatically improve many aspects of your life, including your dental and oral health. Indulging in foods that have a lot of sugar, sodium, and acidity can perk you up for the small amount of time, but you’re more than likely to “crash” and feel exhausted and sleepy right in the middle of your day.


We want all of our patients to have the best smile they can; contact your family dentist in Bridgewater NJ by calling our office at (732) 469-6662 and schedule an appointment for your routine cleaning and helpful tips to take care of your teeth at home and on the go.

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