Bridgewater NJ Dentist offers Invisalign to help you achieve your best smile!

Most people associate the straight teeth with the cosmetic purposes only. However, one of the questions in the minds of many people is on whether straight teeth equate to healthy teeth. Invisalign is not only non-stressful, but it is a simple straightening procedure that straightens the teeth in a short period of time as compared to the traditional braces.


The American Dental Association suggest that straightening the teeth can affect your overall dental health in a significant way. For a smile to be perfect, it will need to be a healthy one. The good thing is that when it comes to Invisalign, a confident smile as well as reducing the risk of gum disease and tooth decay usually go hand in hand.


Healthier gums and teeth


When the gums are red and swollen, this could result in having too crowded teeth or even teeth that are widely spaced. The unfortunate thing is that these can also be symptoms of periodontal disease. With properly aligned teeth, it is possible for the gum to fit in a more secure way around your teeth and this will allow for the healthiest and strongest defense against the periodontal problems. This is how Invisalign plays a role. The clear and comfortable aligner starts to move the teeth into the right position without having to use the ugly wires and brackets.


Easier cleaning


A major challenge of the braces is that the foods are usually trapped in wires and brackets causing the plaque buildup and also tooth decay. Invisalign are usually removable and this ensures that it is easy to continue brushing, as well as flossing of teeth in your normal way.


Overall health


You should consider the teeth to be a window to your body. The gums and teeth and the way that they look when you are smiling will say a lot about your health. When taking good care of them, you will most likely be taking good care of the rest of your body.


Come & see your dentist in Bridgewater NJ to learn how Invisalign can improve your smile! 

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