Shifting Teeth as an Adult

It’s possible for teeth to shift in adulthood. If you are one of the people this is happening to right now, don’t fear wearing braces again. In fact, one of the most common ways to handle this isn’t with braces. Here’s what you need to know.
What is an Option Other than Braces?
Many people hear the word retainer and assume they are only used after braces are removed. That is a time when retainers are commonly used, but not the only time. 
For adults that suffer from a few teeth out of alignment, a retainer is a great tool.
Most commonly used is the spring retainer. It’s a simple device that applies force to the teeth to realign them properly. Wearing braces prior to using a spring retainer is not necessary. Spring retainers are usable by anyone that just has a few teeth in need of straightening.
The retainer is made from a mixture of materials and is purchased with a support wire. This wire straddles the teeth for support. If a cosmetic approach is important, then a clear front-piece made from plastic can be used instead. 
Steps to Aligning Teeth
If you find that a spring retainer is right for you, there are some rules you’ll want to follow for the best results:
Wear it as directed.
Listen to all instructions given by the dentist.
Practice good oral hygiene during the time you wear a retainer.
Keep the retainer in a protected case while not in use.
For many people, the teeth shift as a result of not properly wearing the retainer in the teen years. Correcting your alignment requires continued vigilance and a healthy routine. Even if you find that wearing a spring retainer isn’t the solution for your teeth, there might be other options instead of wearing braces. 
Rest assured, your Bridgewater, NJ area dentist will have the treatment plans that are best for your needs. Don’t delay consulting with your dentist before the teeth shift any further. It might be as simple as a retainer to get you back on track towards that straight and beautiful smile.
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