Protect Your Teeth With Night Guards

It is hard to know what your body is doing while you sleep.  Sometimes it takes a partner telling you that you are grinding your teeth.  Many people grind their teeth at one point or more in their lives. What many people don’t know is that grinding your teeth can often wake you and will lead to you not getting a full night’s rest.  By just adding a night guard to your sleep routine you will be getting a better quality of sleep and protecting your teeth at the same time.

Signs of Teeth Grinding:

Sore  Jaw
Jaw pain or your jaw popping
Difficulty eating or speaking
Teeth that have chipped in the night
Teeth that are sensitive or seem lose


Causes of Teeth Grinding:

Paroxetine – an antidepressant
Tobacco use 
Huntington’s Disease
Parkinson’s Disease

Protect Your Teeth and Sleep with Night Guards

If you are a long time teeth grinder, you may have to have extensive and invasive dental work if it not addressed.  We all know that seeing your dentist regularly to get your teeth cleaned but he can also notice if you have been grinding your teeth when you may not. If you catch your teeth grinding early enough you can keep your teeth looking good and prevent challenges while eating.
Night guards vary and it is important to get the right one that fits your teeth.  The guards you can buy in a store can provide some relieve but do not fully protect further damage.  You can purchase custom-fit night guards and these tend to be most effective in preventing further teeth grinding.  Custom fit guards come in different thicknesses that will depend on the severity of your teeth grinding.  You can also get night guards through your dentist.  These will provide the best relieve from jaw strain and will align your jaw to give you better jaw muscle alignment. 
Sometimes a night guard alone will not be enough.  Procedures may need to be done to re-align your teeth.  We can also apply veneers to chipped or damaged teeth.  In some cases you may need fillings, crowns or implants in order to fully relieve the pain and damage to your mouth.
If you think you may be a good candidate for a night guard call Brook Dental, your nearby Bridgewater, NJ dentist at (732) 469-6662 to schedule a consultation.
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