Ceramic Crowns

Where fillings just cover a small portion of the tooth, a Crown (or cap) encases the entire visible portion of it. The Crown, in effect, then acts as the new outer surface of the tooth. In cases where a tooth is broken or damaged to the extent that a fillign with not repair the problem, a crown can be utilized. It can be thought of as a protective shell that stengthens the tooth, as well as improves the appearance of it. A Crown can also be utilized by your Bound Brook dentist to restore the natural shape of a tooth if the tooth has been broken or fractured. While Crowns are available in different materials, as seen below, most often include some porcerlain mixture to give them a natural look and feel.

How it's Done:

The first visit to your Bound Brook cosmetic dentist involves reshaping the tooth and taking impressions to create the Crown. Typically a portion of your tooth will have to be removed for the Crown to fit properly. After the tooth has been reshaped, a special material will be used to create an impression of it. This impression will then be sent to a dental laboratory to be made into a permanent Crown. Before sending you home, we will provide you with a temporary cornw to cover your tooth in between visits.

When you return, your Bound Brook denstist will have recieved the permanent crown for the laboratory. They will remove the temporary Crown and fit the new permament one. Before cementing the permanent Crown in place, they will ensure that it fits comfortable and matches the color of your teeth.


E-Max Crowns 

The E-Max Crown is an all-ceramic crown that is preferred for its longer lasting, aesthetic qualities. It has a highly attractive appearance that compliments the rest of your teeth. This is a top grade material made from disilicate ceramic is used for it's toughness, durability, and opaque qualities. The transparent color and lifelike shape ensures that it is unlikely to be noticed amongst your own natural teeth. There is no metal alloy base with this crown which means no unsightly looking grey line around the gum.


 Buxir Crowns






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