Bridgewater NJ Dentist offers Teeth Whitening to help you achieve a sparkling smile

Teeth Whitening Pens are also known as paint-on teeth whitening gel and brush-on tooth whiteners. These are over-the-counter and do-it-yourself teeth bleaching products. They use the same types of peroxide compounds applied on the surface of the teeth that the person would like to treat. This article will show you both the pros and cons of using these paint-on teeth whitening gels or teeth whitening pens.




1.      Easy application


The whitener is easily painted on the front side of your teeth that you want to whiten. But be sure that your teeth are dry so the whitener can stick better. You just have to leave it for 20 to 30 minutes then you are ready to go.


2.      Whiten individual teeth


Some people only have a few teeth that they need to lighten. With teeth whitening gels you can apply it on your selected teeth. You are given the ability to focus on a particular tooth that needs greater attention over the others.


3.      No trays needed


No bleaching trays or plastic strips are needed in order to complete the method. Use of trays and strips are sometimes difficult to keep in place. It can also trigger too much salivation. Also, if you are using trays or strips, it can affect the gums and cause irritation.




4.      Wear or wash off easily


These products tend to wear or wash off easily. With constant rubbing, it would be hard to keep the whitener in place; thus, the whitening effect is decreased. You have to avoid drinking, eating, and rinsing your mouth so as to keep the whitener in contact with your teeth. You have to minimize the amount of friction against your teeth. You can also find yourself reducing your talking time.


5.      Cause tooth sensitivity


Since they have peroxide compounds like the other bleaching products, it is expected that tooth sensitivity can be felt. Once this happens to you, it is important that you visit your dentist immediately. You might be advised to discontinue whitening treatments due to adverse effects.


6.      Difficult to apply to back teeth


Paint-on teeth whitening gels are easier to apply to teeth on the smile line. However, if you want to apply it to your back teeth, it can be difficult.



Paint-on Teeth Whitening Gels have both its advantages and disadvantages. It is important that before you commit to any teeth whitening activity, you should discuss it with your Bridgewater NJ dentist. 

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