Top Signs You’re Overdue For a Dental Cleaning

Are you unsure of how often you should be going to get a routine dental cleaning? There are certain indicators that can help you identify when it’s time for your routine cleaning. If you have some or all of the following, contact your dentist to schedule your next cleaning.
1. When is the last time you received a cleaning?
If you cannot remember the last time you had your teeth professional cleaned in the dentist office, it is most likely time for you to schedule your next appointment. Dentists recommend getting a cleaning every six months depending upon the condition of your teeth.
2. How does your breath smell?
If you notice that your breath does not smell as clean as it should despite brushing regularly, this can be a sign that it is time to have your teeth professional cleaned. Bacteria can build up and cause the breath to have an odor to it.
3. Do your teeth look dull?
If your teeth lack a natural luster and you can see build up around your gum line, it is time to schedule a cleaning. The tools used by dentist during a cleaning are more effective at scrubbing away plaque and build up and can help reduce your risk of tooth decay.
4. How are your gums?
Your gums are sensitive to the cleaning process and if not taken care of and cleaned properly, can become sensitive or bleed as a result of improper cleaning. Having your dentist clean your teeth in the office will allow them to monitor the health of your gums and ensure that they are healthy and clean.
Our Office Can Help
Your teeth need to be constantly monitored, just as any other part of your body. They require regular checkups and maintenance. Our teeth are subjected to various food and drink daily, and a visit to your dentist can help you maintain healthy teeth and gums, further preventing gum disease. If you’re unsure whether your due for a cleaning or not, call Brook Dental Associates, your top family dentist in Bridgewater, NJ. Our office can be reached at  (732) 469-6662.
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