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Life is good! Interspersed with the ‘must do’ chores, personally or professionally, there is the socializing with friends and family to P-A-RRRRTY!  Along with the party comes the grand banquet of delectable goodies and beverages: starting with appetizers of cheese and crackers, shrimp with tangy cocktail sauce, pickles and candies. Then the delectable fruit cups: blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and orange slices. The red or white variety of wines flow freely as well as soda, coffee, and tea – with lemon.  It’s ALL GOOD!


How food affects your teeth?

Good — except that as we age and ‘live life’ the enamel of our teeth can wear down and the yellowish dentin below the enamel begins to show. The three culprits for this are found in the above ‘good stuff.’ They are called chromogens in foods with strong pigments and ‘cling’ to enamel; called tannins, in plant-based compounds that bring stains to teeth. Then there are acidic foods such as tomatoes, tomato sauce, citrus fruits that will eat away at enamel through the years making teeth softer and easier to stain.

Teeth Whitening to the rescue

The ‘white horse’ of modern dentistry to the rescue by way of a thirty-to-ninety minute cosmetic procedure known as teeth whitening. The most common method is called vital whitening where a gel containing some form of hydrogen peroxide is applied directly to the tooth surface with special laser light treatment, allowing the bleaching to occur quickly.
Before the whitening procedure, a thorough evaluation of the patient’s mouth and teeth is performed which includes filling cavities so the whitening solution does not go through to the inner part of the tooth. There is a check for receding gums. The roots of teeth here will be yellow and whitening will not improve this area nor will porcelain or ceramic crowns and veneers be able to be whitened.
Be aware if there is tooth decay or receding gums, whitening may make teeth more sensitive. If the evaluation goes well the teeth will be cleaned to remove plaque and other substances followed by the teeth whitening procedure. Additional visits may be needed depending on the condition of the teeth to be treated. 
Contact your Bridgewater NJ Dentist at (732) 469-6662 to schedule a consultation for teeth whitening. 
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