Bridgewater Dentist on Brush Benefits

Since the discovery of electricity, inventors have been utilizing this power to improve products and make things easier for their human users. We all know from experience, however, that there are just some things an electric machine cannot do as well as a manual version of the same instrument. So what side of the fence does your dentist serving Bridgewater NJ at Brook-Dental Associates sit when it comes to electric and manual toothbrushes? As it turns out, there can be benefits and downsides to both, which we will discuss today.


To begin, the manual toothbrush is a product people have come to know and trust over the years for one very important reason- it works. Not only are these brushes available in a color or size for everyone, but they are also available from the companies you know and trust with your oral health. They are relatively inexpensive, easy to travel with and in the event you lose one- simple to replace. The only possible “downside” one could consider with a manual brush is the effort involved. Often times a patient will not utilize the brush properly and that could lead to potential oral health issues.


Where the issue of effort is a downside for manuals, it is a major plus for electric brushes. Electric toothbrushes are revolutionary and depended upon daily because they require less effort to get a more efficient cleaning. Sure, they typically are not as colorful, easy to transport and have a few more pieces that could complicate things- but they are a more efficient means of cleaning the teeth.


At the end of the day, whatever brush you choose to go with is up to you and the amount of effort you want to put in. If you ever question your regimen timing or technique, make sure to ask your Bridgewater area dentist for help at your next appointment! Request your next visit with Brook Dental Associates today by calling (732) 469-6662.


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