Kids With Poor Oral Health Miss More School

Did you know that kids who have poor oral health tend to miss more school than other children? Not only that, but their grades often suffer as a result.


Factors Involved

In recent studies, many of the children who missed school because of dental trouble also seemed to lack access to dental care. This was from a lack of transportation, language barriers or because they didn’t have insurance.


Even parents that take their children to the dentist to find out that their kids dental routine is suffering at home. The discomfort they feel from cavities might also be affecting their daily school work.


Here’s what needs to happen to give your child the best chance of success:

• Have them brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush.

• Floss once per day, preferably at night.

• Teach them to eat nutritious foods that are low in sugar.

• Have them drink water on a regular basis and avoid sugary drinks.

• Visit with the dentist twice a year for a cleaning and checkup.

• You could also speak with the dentist about sealants for additional protection.


Seeing the Dentist

Not all children want to talk to their parents about pains or trouble. Your kid might be suffering from mouth pain and not telling you, thereby hurting their school work. Make sure you attend the bi-annual checkups so the dentist can evaluate the condition of your child’s mouth.


During the exam, all the bacteria and plaque is removed from the teeth. There’s also a chance to fix early decay quickly without much issue. This is also the time to discuss mouthguards, proper cleaning techniques and the possibility of orthodontic care.


Together, we ensure that your child has a bright future with their mouth and their schooling with the help of your Family Dentist Bridgewater NJ.

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