Middlesex NJ Family Dentist offers tips on how to prevent teeth gap

We all desire a healthy, bright smile. It’s not just for better physical appearance but also for good oral health. Over time, you may find your teeth shifting in the crooked direction. Let’s take a look at some habits you need to stop doing to prevent teeth gap.


But first, what causes your teeth to shift?


You may not notice it, but by gentle and persistent pressure, your teeth actually shift. The tooth loosens up or even breaks if the pressure is strong. But it’s the slow, gentle, and persistent pressure that actually causes your teeth to move.


Here are two common habits that cause crooked teeth:


  • Leaning your face on your hand:

While reading this article at this very moment, what is your position? Are you sitting straight up or are you leaning toward your laptop with your head resting on your hand? Do you find yourself leaning your face on your hand? With many of us working in front of a laptop/computer, it’s unsurprisingly a common posture. Sitting in front of your computers for hours can make you slump. So, you get tired and suddenly rest your head/face on your hand. Leaning your face on your hand/fist feeds gentle and constant pressure on your lower face, unknowingly pushing your teeth inward.


  • Sleeping on your face:

What’s a sure way to cause crooked teeth than sleeping on your face? If you’ve noticed the structure of our skull, our teeth stick out a bit. This means that sleeping on your face puts gentle, persistent pressure on your teeth. Habitually putting your arm under your face adds more risk. When it’s bedtime, make sure to sleep on your back or side.



These are just two common habits that cause our teeth to shift over time. Share this to your loved ones for them to avoid the need for aligners.

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