Family Dentist near Bridgewater NJ Shows how Most Caffeinated Drinks Damage Your Smile


Sometimes, a tasty cup of coffee is the only thing that can perk us up in the morning so we can start our day. As an adult, it’s normal to have some coffee when you wake up, but what about for children? When we were young, we all remember when our parents and other adults would tell us that drinking caffeine would stunt our growth. Well, how true is that? Your family dentist near Bridgewater NJ delves into the popular myth to see what drinking caffeine does for children and their health, including their teeth.


When kids are growing up, it’s no surprise that they need a ton of nutrition to grow up healthy and strong. This helps during their growth spurt and helps guide them towards a healthier diet as they get older. Unfortunately, when they consume caffeinated drinks like coffee, they’re more likely to have a poor diet. Coffee is seen as an appetite-suppressor, which means that kids might skip meals in favor of enjoying a cup of coffee instead. These meals could have provided beneficial energy and nutrition towards their overall health, but have been replaced by coffee, which doesn’t provide much if any nutritional value.


Since a large majority of children consume caffeine (not necessarily coffee), they are far more likely to suffer from cavities and tooth decay. These common drinks include sodas, energy drinks, and sports drinks. More and more children are enjoying these beverages, but at what cost? When parents allow their children to overconsume these harmful drinks, they’re more likely to suffer from cavities, tooth decay, and potentially tooth loss. The large amounts of caffeine can harm their health, as well as the high acidic levels that damage, weaken, and soften the protective enamel on the surface of their teeth.


Your smile deserves the best care in the world, which is why your family dentist near Bridgewater NJ is here to help. Call our office at (732) 469-6662 to schedule an appointment for you and your children! Don’t be afraid to refer us to your family and friends, too.

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