Hookah & Your Oral Health

More and more people are trying hookah because it is proclaimed to be a healthy alternative to smoking. Let’s take a closer look at what this new fad is doing to the mouth.
What is Hookah Smoking?
Pipes are used to smoke tobacco products that are flavored. These pipes convert the tobacco into a vapor which is inhaled by the user. Usually, this is done in groups. 
Dangers of Hookah
The CDC has stated that hookah smoking might be worse for users than cigarettes. If an hour-long session results in 200 puffs, that is about ten times more than that taken from a cigarette. On top of that, users are inhaling toxic agents because of the carbon monoxide that is used to heat the tobacco. 
Hookah and Your Oral Health
Let’s look at the four ways that hookah affects your oral health.
Gum Disease – While cigarette smokers are four times more likely to develop gum disease, research is suggesting that hookah smokers might be five times more likely.
Bad Breath – Even when hookah is flavored and has a pleasant smell, it is still tobacco. After taking 200 puffs per hour, bad breath is pretty common. 
Dry Mouth – Any consumption of tobacco inhibits the ability of the mouth to produce saliva. This also leaves your mouth susceptible to tooth decay.
Oral Cancer – Tobacco is one of the leading factors behind oral cancer. With more than 40,000 Americans being diagnosed each year, it is critical to refrain from any tobacco use to protect the mouth. Juice from hookah might be more dangerous as it irritates the lining of the mouth.
If you enjoy using hookah, you should consider switching to a tobacco-free option instead. These are available so you can still take part in the social aspect of smoking without damaging your health and teeth. Once you switch, it is wise to head to the office of you Bridgewater, NJ area general dentist and have a complete checkup to see if any damage has been done. If you have further questions regarding the usage of hookah, be sure to speak with your dentist at the next visit. The office of Brook Dental Associates can be reached at (732) 469-6662.
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