Family Dentist in Bridgewater NJ Shares how to Care for Your Kids’ Teeth


When you have a newborn baby, every parent is dedicated to keeping their child happy and healthy. There are a number of ways to do so, but some parents don’t always think of their children’s oral and dental health when they’re young. Your family dentist in Bridgewater NJ wants to make sure that you’re aware of how to properly take care of a baby’s teeth and gums when they’re young so they can grow to be strong!


In the early stages of feeding with a bottle, you should thoroughly clean and wipe out your baby’s mouth with a gauze or a wet cloth after they’re done. Milk and formula are likely to linger and stick around in the baby’s mouth because of their sweetness. It may not seem very important, but you’re setting the tone for the future of their teeth. Most children don’t get their first tooth until they’re 6 months old, but sometimes it takes longer.


Until the age of 7 or 8, children don’t have the proper dexterity to brush their teeth on their own. This is where your help comes in! Parents should be helping children brush their teeth every morning and night while also teaching them how important it is to keep up with this routine. Don’t forget to include flossing, as well, since it is helpful to teach them the right techniques, tips and tricks to maintain a healthy smile.


Once they get older, you can start introducing them to healthy snacks that will also help improve their oral and dental health. Crunchy vegetables like carrots and celery make for great treats during school. Ensure that water gives them the right energy instead of sodas and fruit juices, which contain a lot of sugars and caffeine but drag you down and make you tired after a certain amount of time.


All parents want their children to be healthy, no matter what, so teach them why it’s so important! Call our office to schedule an appointment with your family dentist in Bridgewater NJ at (732) 469-6662.

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