Bridgewater NJ Dentist on the Whitening Bead Ban

Who doesn’t like having a nice, bright, white smile?


Well thanks to treatments like Zoom Whitening available from your Bridgewater NJ dentist, you can see an improvement of the color of your teeth by several shades in just one session.


But what about keeping your teeth nice and white in-between visits to our office? Are you one of the millions of patients that rely on some sort of whitening toothpaste for your twice daily brushing routine? If you are…the landscape for those products has just changed greatly.


What we mean is that the whitening toothpaste that features microbeads in them that remove surface stains have had a ban put on them. These microbeads were found to not be totally biodegrading once they went down the drain, so they were polluting not only fish we eat or waters we swim in, but also the waters that spray our crops and more. To help lower this amount of toxin in the environment, all manufacturers have been mandated to remove these from their products completely by 2017.


To find out more about the how’s and why’s of the microbead ban, head here for more information.


And if you are in a panic about what to use now that your favorite paste is no longer on the market- don’t worry! Just discuss some suggestions your Bridgewater NJ dentist may have as a replacement at your next visit!


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