Cosmetic Dentist in Middlesex on that Clean Brush Feeling

Your cosmetic dentist serving Middlesex NJ knows the daily struggle of warding off germs and bacteria. To prevent everything from colds to gum disease, we must all (doctors included) utilize various medications, instruments, and techniques in and out of our offices and homes.


One of the primary instruments utilized at home by patients to keep their oral health intact is the toothbrush. And while you should be using your brush twice daily, for at least two minutes per session, to ward off oral bacteria- it does spend a majority of the time, sitting there, on its lonesome. We, of course, all know that your brush doesn’t JUST face bacteria in the mouth- but that it encounters germs that may be airborne or come from contact with other surfaces too. So how can you keep your brush germ-free from ALL of these circumstances?


For starters, never share your toothbrush- even with a loved one. Someone else’s particular set of oral bacteria and circumstances will always differ from yours, and you wouldn’t want to problems because of that. When it comes to the regimen, always make sure to store your toothbrush upright in an open container after brushing.


For more information on the upkeep of your oral health regimen, or to schedule an appointment with your cosmetic dentist serving Middlesex NJ at Brook Dental Associates, call our office today at (732) 469-6662.


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