Fuzzy Feeling on Teeth

If you’ve ever rubbed your tongue against your teeth, you might have noticed a fuzzy feeling. This is bacteria that has attached itself to your teeth. Sometimes, this is called fuzzy teeth. When this isn’t treated immediately, it could lead to gingivitis and bad breath.
Causes of Fuzzy Teeth
While there are several reasons you might be experiencing fuzzy teeth, here are the most common things that can easily be remedied.
Plaque builds up on the teeth from not brushing properly.
Eating and drinking products that are high in starch or sugar. These leave a film behind on your teeth which lead to cavities.
Foods that are high in oxalic acid can also create a fuzzy sensation. These include beets, spinach, kale and rhubarb. 
Alleviating Fuzzy Teeth
When you have the fuzzy teeth feeling, you need to step into action immediately. Start by brushing and flossing your teeth. You can also use mouthwash. Proper oral hygiene is the main way to prevent this feeling from ever occurring. 
In addition, you want to make sure you maintain a regular checkup schedule with your dentist. This also gives you the chance to have a deep cleaning of your mouth and a proper screening for oral diseases.
Here are some other options:
Use Sealants – The dentist can apply sealants to your teeth that have deep crevices which are hard to clean. This means that even if your teeth do feel fuzzy, this shouldn’t cause as much damage. 
Plaque-Identifying Tablets – If you have areas of your mouth that are difficult to clean, try using a tablet that will color the plaque. This will make it easier to find the areas of buildup that need to be cleaned. Then, you can simply brush off the coloring and know your teeth aren’t going to be fuzzy.
Vitamin C – Counteracts the oxalic acids of food. 
Final Words
Having teeth that feel fuzzy is not normal. If you are experiencing any abnormal feeling on your teeth, it is important that you address this immediately with your Bridgewater, NJ area dentist. With some simple steps, you will remain free from tooth decay for many years to come.
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