The Future of Dentistry: Digital Dentistry in Bridgewater

Computer technology allows the team here at Brook Dental Associates to provide patients with the most advanced treatments and procedures. Through innovation such as digital dentistry, we are able to streamline procedures and examinations that may have previously taken much longer. This practice allows us to treat patients more effectively and efficiently. Digital dentistry in Bridgewater is the most cutting-edge method of caring for patients in today's dental industry. Keep reading to learn a bit more about how we utilize digital dentistry here at our state-of-the-art facilities.
Digital dentistry includes any dental technology that utilizes computers for treatment in any capacity instead of using mechanical or electric methods. This can help to remove manual steps that have now become redundant due to this innovation. Overall, digital dentistry in Bridgewater helps patients receive a higher standard of care and a smoother experience during treatment. Through automation, patients are receiving better overall care and faster treatment, without compromising the quality of care. 
We typically utilize digital dentistry for imaging such as radiography, x-rays, and pixelated images. This can be beneficial for patients who are looking to receive porcelain or ceramic resin veneers or dental implants. Prior to automation, images may have had to be sent out and processed in order to provide an accurate depiction of the veneer. Now, patients can look at the completed image in real time, right from our office. This can help speed up the lengthy process of getting veneers or implants because it removes the waiting around and provides patients with quick and accurate results. We can then send the chosen shade for the veneer or implant directly to the lab from our office computer so that it can begin to come to life. We know that our patients want the smile they deserve as quickly as possible, so it is very important to us that we can get them results fast. The smile of your dreams is closer than you think, especially when we incorporate digital dentistry in Bridgewater. 
Another way we use digital dentistry is to detect oral health issues before they cause severe damage to your smile. Digital dentistry methods are used for oral cancer screenings, cavity detection, and other oral health issues. Because this technology allows us to identify an issue earlier, treatment is often far less invasive and recovery is much quicker. Early detection is key when it comes to treating oral health issues. It can mean the difference between a simple experience and a traumatizing dental emergency. We prioritize the patients that come to Brook Dental Associates, so we put your health first above all else. Through innovations in dental technology, we provide the most accurate and thorough care in the Bridgewater area and beyond. Call our office to learn more about the many benefits of digital dentistry in Bridgewater.
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