Dentist near Middlesex NJ Talks about How to Save Your Teeth from Dietary Foods & Drinks


As the weather gets warmer, people are excited to show off their summer body! Participating in a healthy diet can be hard, but wanting to be healthier is a great goal to achieve. While most dietary foods and drinks are helpful towards your overall health, your dentist near Middlesex NJ wants patients to know that there are some choices that can actually harm your teeth.


As enjoyable as they are, there are certainly some fruits that can damage your teeth if you consume too much of them.

· Oranges

· Grapefruits

· Limes

· Lemons

· Cranberries


People are also more likely to enjoy lemon water throughout their day because it’s an enjoyable beverage and popular dietary drink, but it’s constantly putting citrus against your teeth throughout the day. With the high acidity in fruits like lemons, your protective enamel (the surface of your teeth) becomes weaker and weaker.


This can quickly cause your teeth to be extremely sensitive because of your weakened enamel. As this occurs, you may have difficulty eating and drinking things on a daily basis. A cold glass of water can turn into a painful sip if you aren’t careful about the excess citrus intake.


Not only will these fruits cause sensitivity, but it can also cause discoloration. Your enamel is the white surface of your teeth and once it begins to disappear, so does the whiteness. Patients will want to use whitening tools to brighten their smile, but it can only worsen their sensitivity.


To learn more about how to protect your smile during a diet, don’t hesitate to contact your dentist near Middlesex NJ by calling our office at (732) 469-6662. Your smile matters to us and we want to take care of it the best we can!


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