Dental Implants Can Stop Bone Loss

Did you know that dental implants have the capacity to stop bone loss? That is a benefit to implants on top of the numerous other advantages. This is a great option to consider if you need to replace a missing tooth or teeth. Here’s how dental implants fight back against bone loss.


Reduced Bone Loss


Dental implants are fused into the jawbone. This serves as an anchor to support the teeth and is one of the best procedures currently available in dentistry.


The bone needs stimulation in order to remain healthy. With options such as dentures or a bridge for missing teeth, the bone lacks the necessary stimulation it requires. The implant-supported tooth allows for normal function of the mouth and jaws. This includes the muscles, nerves and jaw joints. The dental implants are fused into the bone which helps to stabilize and stimulate as needed.


Other Benefits to Implants


In addition to the reduction in bone loss, dental implants function much like natural teeth. Patients have an improved diet when eating with implants. They also report enjoying social life more because they are not self-conscious about their mouth.


Success Rate


While the success rate of dental implants varies, they offer the most longevity, bone preservation and function than other dental treatments. The 10-year survival rate for dental implants is higher than 90%. On top of that, most implants are designed to last the life of the patient if cared for properly.

Most dentists agree that dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. While the procedure is more expensive than other options, it is the most cost-effective way to replace teeth.

As time goes on, we will see more patients opting for dental implants over traditional treatments. It will become the primary option for all tooth replacement.


If you are struggling with missing teeth, it is time to evaluate your options. Schedule an appointment with Brook Dental Associates, your dentist near Middlesex, NJ, and have an evaluation. Then, the best treatment options for your circumstances can be discussed and an action plan can be put in place. You don’t need to struggle with missing teeth any longer.

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