Bridgewater NJ General Dentist on Stopping Sores

Although the human body can overcome many obstacles, it will ultimately always be faced with an injury. No matter the cause or type of damage, things like cuts, aches and sores can impact your health substantially- especially oral health. In order to help patients become more aware of the causes and potential danger of various mouth sores, your Bridgewater NJ general dentist has compiled this blog today.


Speaking in generalities, most sores only last about a week. If they last longer- you should come into office even sooner. A long lasting sore can be indicative of a greater problem at work. But overall, what can cause some of the most common occurrences of oral sores?


  • The edge of a broken tooth or filling rubbing on the cheek.
  • Irritation from an orthodontic device or denture.
  • A bacterial, viral or fungal infection.
  • Other diseases or disorders.


And while these listed above are just some of the most general causes, many more do live out there. For a complete guide to oral sores, as well as ways to prevent them, visit the following resource when you have some time: MedicineNet.


If you have had an oral sore lasting longer than a week, call the office of your Bridgewater NJ general dentist today to schedule an appointment at (732) 469-6662.


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