Causes of Dental Erosion

Bound Brook & Bridgewater, NJ Area Dentist Helps Prevent Erosion

Dental Erosion can be caused by many issues and often leads to cavities. Here are some of the most common reasons a person suffers from dental erosion.
Acid Reflux
When the stomach acids regurgitate back into the mouth, it can cause dental enamel to erode. This most often happens because of bulimia, pregnancy or alcoholism but is also related to eating spicy foods. 
Eating Disorders
Bulimia, in particular, can lead to dental erosion. This is due to the fact that the contents of the stomach, including the acids are brought back up through the mouth when the person vomits. With anorexia, there can still be issues with the teeth, but more often as a result of the lack of nutrients being consumed. 
On top of an increased instance of vomiting after drinking, many alcoholics also consume a large number of acidic drinks. Over 90 percent of alcoholics tend to also suffer from dental erosion. 
Because of the increase in abdominal pressure during pregnancy, the instance of acid reflux also rises. This can be even worse when the pregnant woman is also vomiting as a result of morning sickness.
Soft drinks and fruit juices tend to be one of the major causes of dental erosion. That’s due to the low pH value they offer. Carbonated drinks can also play a role in dental erosion due to the high sugar contents. 
Dehydration from strenuous activity and athletic events can lead to a higher erosion risk. Some studies have also found a relation to a vegetarian diet and erosion. 
Occupational Hazards 
If you work in a plant that deals with hazardous chemicals, you might be at risk for dental erosion. This is especially relevant in factories with battery or fertilizer products. Swimmers also report a higher level of dental erosion due to the chlorination in swimming pools.
Finding the cause of your dental erosion is the first step to treating and preventing further issues. If you are unsure what might be causing your troubles, it is important that you take time to speak with your Bound Brook and Bridgewater, NJ area dentist.
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