Best Foods For Better Dental Health 


There are dozens of foods you should avoid for dental health reasons, candy, chocolate, and more top the list, but what foods should you be eating for stronger teeth and better dental health? Dental health can suffer if you don't keep eating the best foods for your teeth!




Calcium-rich foods like cheese, yogurt, and specific kinds of milk can add more calcium to your diet. Calcium helps to fortify bones and considering that your teeth are bones they are also fortified.




This mineral is found in various foods, including eggs, nuts, beans, and leaner meat. Phosphorus itself makes your teeth more robust, and eating foods with phosphorus in them is an excellent change to your diet that helps your dental health. 


High Fiber Fruits and Veggies


Fruits and vegetables that are higher in fiber content are the best for your teeth. The fiber inside these fruits and veggies helps support and strengthen your enamel. This Bridgewater NJ Dentist knows that once your enamel is gone, you can't get it back, so it's in your best interest to keep it strong so it can protect your teeth.  


Vitamin C


Vitamin C promotes health for your gums. Citrus can damage your enamel, but without vitamin C your gums will start to suffer. Scurvy is just the first of many.


Different foods can strengthen and weaken teeth in different ways. If you're concerned with how other foods affect your teeth and need to talk to a professional, reach out to us! We're a Bridgewater, NJ Dentist that has been serving the area for years!



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