Save Your Smile from Potential Tooth Decay with the Help of Your Bridgewater NJ General Dentist


Enjoying a dessert in the middle of the day can be extremely exciting—you know that this kind of food is meant for a particular time of day, so when you find some in the kitchen at your office, you’re more inclined to enjoy a delicious pastry. Cupcakes and brownies are tasty and sweet, but unfortunately, consuming these sweets and treats on a daily basis can damage your teeth. Your Bridgewater NJ general dentist explains why avoiding these sweets during the day can protect your smile.


It’s common that many people in the workplace frequently enjoy desserts more than they do at home, which can directly relate to their oral and dental health. If your office is known to bring in desserts, whether a co-worker brings in a special treat that they made last night and want to share or if there’s a birthday party, we highly recommend keeping these sweets to a minimum. If you believe that you’ll have a hard time avoiding these, then try bringing in your own healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables, or suggest alternative snacks for the workplace.


Not only does this overconsumption lead to bad oral and dental health, but it can also lead to obesity. Constantly enjoying any type of dessert, from cookies to cakes, on a daily basis or every other day at work, can easily cause quick weight gain. These two issues, obesity and tooth decay, can occur faster than someone may think!


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