Dental Veneers offered by your Bridgewater NJ Dentist

Dental veneers are also known as porcelain veneers or porcelain laminates. They are thin, custom-made tooth shells which are placed on the tooth surface to improve aesthetics. 


The veneers can be made from resin composite or porcelain. The porcelain veneers are resistant to stains compared to the resin type. Also, they reflect light better which ensures they mimic the natural teeth.


Indications for dental veneers

1. Teeth discoloration. 

2. Worn down teeth.

3. Fixing broken or chipped teeth.

4. Fixing misaligned, irregularly shaped or uneven teeth.

5. Fixing teeth which have gaps in between.


The process of getting dental veneers

You should plan for three trips to the dentist if you have made up your mind to get the dental veneers. The first one is for consultation. The rest are for making and applying the veneers. One or more teeth can be worked on during the procedure.


The steps include:

a) Coming up with a diagnosis and treatment plan

You will be involved actively in this. You ought to think about the objectives you want to achieve at the end and communicate this clearly to your Bridgewater NJ Dentist. After that, he will examine the teeth to determine whether you are suited for veneers. Dental x-rays, teeth and mouth impressions are taken at this stage too. Your Bridgewater NJ Dentist will explain the various steps at this point.


b) Preparation

In preparing the teeth for veneers, half a millimeter of the enamel is ground. This is the width of the veneer. A mouth model is made and sent to a dental laboratory for veneer construction. They should be ready in 2 weeks. If the teeth are unsightly, temporary veneers are recommended.


c) Bonding

It is the final step. A special cement is used in this process. However, further trimming might have to be done prior if need be. A beam of light is passed on the veneer after the process is complete to activate the chemical contained in the cement.


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