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Smiling is one of the most natural things for humans to do. Our smiles are often the basis for the first impressions we make and can be linked to our personal hygiene and appearance. Many people strive for a movie star smile that is white and dazzles off the camera, but few people know that there are procedures that can give them a copy cat smile! Cosmetic dentistry deals with the appearance of teeth and these procedures can positively impact self-esteem and confidence. 
1. Crowns are one of the best ways to completely change the look of a tooth. Crowns are custom made and covers a tooth entirely. If you have many dental issues such as discoloration, decay, or teeth that are chipped or damaged, crowns are the most effective way to change your smile. Some people do not have the right bite alignment for veneers, so crowns may be their only option. 
2. Veneers- Also custom made to fit your teeth, a veneer covers the visible surface of the tooth and is made of porcelain. Veneers are the best option for people who have healthy teeth that don't need covered, but want a permanent solution to whitening or consistent shape to teeth. 
3. Orthodontic Procedures- An orthodontic procedure relates to the alignment of teeth. Healthy teeth that don't need treatment, but need straightened, or have gaps that need closed are good candidates for orthodontics. This type of dental care can involve braces, retainers, and other cosmetic procedures. 
4. Teeth Shaping- Teeth is common to make a more uniform smile. Cosmetic dentists can reduce the size of teeth using a drill to shape the teeth and file them down. Teeth can also be made bigger through bonding a synthetic material that hardens like teeth. This bonding procedure can also be used to fix chipped teeth or fill small gaps in teeth. 
5. Whitening- One of the most common cosmetic dental procedures, and one of the most affordable, whitening of the teeth can be down in office through laser whitening or UV whitening or at home with bleaching trays, whitening strips, or a personal laser light. Many people get multiple whitening treatments throughout their lifetime because they are affordable and non-invasive. 
If you aren't satisfied with your smile, do not be afraid to discuss your options with your dentist serving Middlesex, NJ. There may be many quick, affordable, and effective ways for your dentist to help make your smile dazzle. Call Brook Dental Associates today at (732) 469-6662 to schedule your consultation.
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