Bridgewater Dentist Discusses the Harm of Dental Myths


Your teeth and oral health often act as the ‘canary in a mine’ when it comes to your overall health, which is why there is much concern surrounding dental myths and misinformation.

Your Bridgewater NJ dentist discusses and demystifies common dental myths and how they may be impacting your overall health below.


Teeth Whitening Causes Damage

A common dental myth is that teeth whitening of any kind will damage and strip away your enamel. While this may be the case for some at home teeth whitening solutions, teeth whitening offered by your Bridgewater dentist is a safe solution and monitored closely during your visit.

The most important factor to consider when whitening at home is overuse. Many patients will overuse at home whitening, which can cause significant enamel damage.


Wisdom Teeth Are Useless

Wisdom teeth are often considered a ‘useless’ leftover from our ancestors, but in reality if you wisdom teeth are not causing any issues they should be left in place. While many patients do experience issues with their wisdom teeth, a large percentage of patients have wisdom teeth that erupt and move into place without issue.


Alcohol based mouthwashes are the best mouthwashes

While patients often associate the burn of mouthwash with effectiveness, it turns out that is just not true! Alcohol based mouthwashes dehydrate your mouth and can disrupt the natural biology and bacteria of the mouth. 

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